EUROALLIAGES is an Association
of European ferro-alloy producers.
Its objective is to promote a safe,
environmentally friendly and competitive
production of ferro-alloys in Europe.

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The Cross-Industry Initiative (CII), an ad-hoc coalition of more than 50 EU-wide organisations and companies, of which Euroalliages is a member, has launched a new website supporting its drive to achieve the most appropriate and effective regulation for the management of chemicals in the workplace. See

Look at the European Silica Fume Committee website telling the success story of this by-product:

Last REACH registration deadline for 100 ton or below. See:

EUROALLIAGES published a press release on the EU ETS reform proposal of 15th July 2015: see Energy and Climate section

Look at the newly created INNOVATION section showing the research activities & projects of the ferro-alloys & silicon producers.

15 energy-intensive sectors oppose the tiered approach under the EU ETS Directive review: see ENERGY AND CLIMATE / EU ETS section


Our objective is to promote the safe, environmentally friendly and competitive production of ferro-alloys and silicon in Europe.

The total membership includes 23 companies, operating nearly 50 plants in 14 different countries, with 8000 employees. The cumulative turnover of the Members is around 2 billion Euros.

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12 avenue de Broqueville
1150 Brussels

Tel: +32 2 7756301

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PRESS RELEASE: European industry calls on EU to prove its backbone towards China

Brussels, 11 July 2016 – Ahead of the EU China Summit in Beijing on 12-13 July, AEGIS Europe, an alliance of more than 30 European manufacturing associations, calls on European Commission President Juncker and President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, to take a clear position against Chinese dumping, overcapacity and illegal subsidies.

"China is not a market economy and therefore cannot be granted Market Economy Status (MES) by the EU. It is of critical importance for all European industries that anti-dumping measures are calculated properly and remain effective and possible under EU trade law," said Milan Nitzschke, spokesman for AEGIS Europe.

China's state planned economy systematically orchestrates overcapacities and then offers products below production costs in international markets to overwhelm competition.

“Silicon is a clear example of what China is able to do: massive overcapacity, persistent dumping and circumvention from China for over 25 years, despite anti-dumping measures in place and anti-circumvention proceedings,” pointed out Ines Vanlierde, Chair of AEGIS Europe and Secretary General of Euroalliages.

Here you can find AEGIS Europe press release, and here a video of Euroalliages's Secretary General Inès Van Lierde, talking about the impact of Chinese overcapacities on Silicon producers in the EU.


Following the EU-China Summit in Beijing on 12 – 13 July, AEGIS Europe says that European leaders must not let down European industry and its workers by giving into China on Market Economy Status (MES). ‘Concessions’ on steel dumping are not justification for the granting of the much-coveted status.