EUROALLIAGES is an Association
of European ferro-alloy producers.
Its objective is to promote a safe,
environmentally friendly and competitive
production of ferro-alloys in Europe.

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The Cross-Industry Initiative (CII), an ad-hoc coalition of more than 50 EU-wide organisations and companies, of which Euroalliages is a member, has launched a new website supporting its drive to achieve the most appropriate and effective regulation for the management of chemicals in the workplace. See

Look at the European Silica Fume Committee website telling the success story of this by-product:

Last REACH registration deadline for 100 ton or below. See:

EUROALLIAGES published a press release on the EU ETS reform proposal of 15th July 2015: see Energy and Climate section

Euroalliages has replied to the consultation on the Circular Economy Package. See section EHS

Take a look at the reaction paper sent by EUROALLIAGES to EU institutions following the publication of the EU ETS review proposal: see Energy and Climate section

Look at the newly created INNOVATION section showing the research activities & projects of the ferro-alloys & silicon producers.


Our objective is to promote the safe, environmentally friendly and competitive production of ferro-alloys and silicon in Europe.

The total membership includes 23 companies, operating nearly 50 plants in 14 different countries, with 8000 employees. The cumulative turnover of the Members is around 2 billion Euros.

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12 avenue de Broqueville
1150 Brussels

Tel: +32 2 7756301

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PRESS RELEASE: European industry applauds European Parliament vote against granting China Market Economy Status

Brussels, 12 May 2016 – With an overwhelming majority (83%), the European Parliament today passed a Resolution against dumping and the granting of MES to China. The Resolution is an important signal that the EU will not grant MES so long as China fails to meet its WTO obligations.

The European Parliament recognised that there is no legal obligation for the EU to grant MES to China automatically, and that the wording of the China’s WTO Accession Protocol leaves room for continuing to apply an alternative methodology, one not based on distorted Chinese prices and costs.

AEGIS Europe applauded the Parliament resolution. Here you can find AEGIS Europe press release.

“MEPs do not agree to a weak compromise, which removes the effectiveness of the anti-dumping instrument. A fair partnership is only possible if China plays by the rules of free and fair international trade, and honours its WTO obligations. So long as China remains a planned economy, which builds up irrational overcapacities, and encourages its industries to dump in foreign markets, Europe cannot grant it MES status. Instead, European anti-dumping defence tools must be strengthened, in compliance with WTO rules," said AEGIS Europe spokesperson Milan Nitzschke.