Access to data for the joint submission

Various options are available to companies preparing to register Silicon, Silica fume, FeSi alloys or Si/FeSi silicate as joint submitters:

  1. Companies may join the Consortium.
  2. Companies may apply for a Licence to Use the data
  3. Companies may apply for a Letter of Access to the data

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How to become a member of the Consortium

What is the application process for the “Si” Consortium?
The application of a new member needs first to be agreed by the Steering Committee which proposes to the candidate to proceed as follows:

  1. The Candidate fills in and signs the attached Declaration of Application.
  2. The scanned Declaration of Application is sent by email to
  3. The original Declaration of Application is sent by post to:
    Euroalliages/Secretariat to the "Si" Consortium
    12, avenue de Broqueville
    1150 Brussels/Belgium
  4. The Secretariat submits the Declaration of Application to the Steering Committee of the "Si" Consortium for formal decision (a 3-week written procedure)
  5. The Secretariat formally informs the Candidate of the Steering Committee decision on the very first day(s) after the Steering Committee meeting/decision.

The further steps are then as follow:

  1. The accepted Candidate fills in and sends the signed Annex 1 of the Consortium Agreement to the Secretariat.
  2. Invoicing of entrance fee and variable fee is made by the Trustee (BST) appointed by the Steering Committee, independently from the Secretariat. The Trustee will base his invoicing for the variable fee on the tonnage declaration (cf. Annex 2 of the Consortium Agreement) which is to be indicated to BST only - via a dedicated web application. The Trustee is in direct contact with the accepted Candidate to inform him of the procedure to be followed so as to ensure the confidential nature of the information to be provided.