AEGIS Europe

AEGIS Europe is an industry alliance that brings together more than 205 European manufacturing associations representative of the whole value chain, from commodities down to consumer end products. representing a broad variety of industries including traditional industries, consumer branches, SMEs and renewable energy se AEGIS Europe Members account for more than 500 billion in annual turnover, as well as for millions of jobs across the EU.

, accounting for more than 500 billion in annual turnover and millions of jobs across the EU. This industry alliance, made up of leaders in sustainable manufacturing and social and environmental responsibility, is committed to European manufacturing as the fundamental driver of innovation, growth and jobs in Europe.

EUROALLIAGES holds the Chair of AEGIS Europe since its creation, in 2015)

Originally created in the context of the revision of the anti-dumping regulation, in relation to to the alleged obligationto grant market economy status to China as a result of the China WTO Accession Protocol, the Alliance has since seen its mandate enlarged, to include issue related to customs, public procurement, but also to the WTO reform.

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