Classification and Labelling & GHS

Global harmonised system (GHS)

The Global Harmonised System (GHS), developed at UN level, provides a harmonised basis for uniform environmental, health and safety information on hazardous substances and mixtures (preparations).

GHS is implemented in the EU through the  Regulation on the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP) which replaces Directive 67/548  on classification and labellingfor substances and will replace Directive 1999/45 for preparations.

In the case of different classifications, all classification notifications are recorded and published on the ECHA Website with, in first place, the joint notification extracted  from the registration dossier of the lead registrants:

Substances must be classified and labelled in accordance with CLP as of 1 December 2010), and mixtures as of 1 June 2015. Between these two deadlines, classifications of mixtures according to both systems are allowed. If both systems are used, the dual classification must appear on the SDS, and the CLP must appear on the label.

Guidance on the CLP Regulation can be found on the ECHA Website:

Classification of alloys

Mixtures like alloys must be classified in accordance with the data available for the complete mixture, if any, or, if data on the mixture are not available, in accordance with data on the individual ingredients and similar tested mixtures.

The CLP Regulation, in particular Art. 6.3 and Sections + + of Annex I, contains a mechanism of flexibility allowing tests to be carried out on the CMR mixture by not imposing the data for the individual substances of the mixture approach (although this remains the default approach).