Court cases

EUROALLIAGES has been involved in a Court case launched by Kazchrome in Belgium. The action is based on the “civil responsibility” provision. The main allegations are that both the FeSi and the SiMn complaints lodged (namely) against Kazakhstan were misleading and wrong.

EUROALLIAGES won the first Instance and the appeal: the case is definitively closed.

EUROALLIAGES has also asked to be an intervener in the Kazchrome (Kazakhstan) and Chelyabinsk (Russia) Court cases lodged in Luxembourg against the FeSi AD measure. The pleadings in the framework of the Russian case took place early April 2014. The intervention of EUROALLIAGES focused on the "single economic entity" concept which is repeatedly put forward by Russian exporter. In the last Commission Regulation adopted in respect to anti-dumping duties on FeSi imports originating in Russia (namely), the "single economic entity" approach had been fiercely alleged by the Russian exporter, but fully dismissed by the Commission on both factual and legal grounds. EUROALLIAGES used that argument in Court early April 2014.