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Energy and Climate Committee

The ferro-alloys and silicon industry is highly energy-intensive. One tonne of metal/alloy produced may necessitate up to 12.5 MWh of electricity.

No wonder that energy has become a top priority on EUROALLIAGES’ agenda, at first with the growing impact of European policy on the organisation of the power markets and, over the past few years, with the growing importance of European climate policy.

As a result, an Energy and Climate Committee was set up in early 2006 to address key issues. Since then, its agenda has been widely expanded, following the growing importance of energy and climate policies at European level.

Among others, the following topics are addressed:

  • EU ETS and its implementing measures
  • Energy and climate policy by 2030 and 2050
  • Carbon Border Adjustement Mechanism
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy taxation
  • Internal energy market
  • Standardisation in the field of GHG emissions.

The Energy and Climate Committee is composed of company experts who are involved in energy-related issues on a daily basis. It meets four times a year and reports directly to the Board.