Ferro-Silicon Committee


All Ferro-Silicon producing Members are represented and actively participate in the activities of this Committee:

  • Elkem (Norway)
  • Grupo FerroGlobe (Spain/France/Norway)
  • Finnfjord (Norway)
  • Huta Laziska (Poland)
  • OFZ Istebne (Slovakia)
  • Jugohrom (Macedonia)

The Ferro-Silicon Committee is a Trade Committee addressing Commercial Policy issues and making decisions in respect of Trade Defence.

Product and its uses

Ferro-Silicon is the most widely used deoxidising agent in the steel industry, although its consumption has strongly decreased in Western Europe over the last 25 years, from around 7.5 kg/tonne of steel, down to approximately 3.5 kg/tonne of steel today, thanks to improvements in metallurgical treatments and the standardisation of the continuous casting of steel. Ferro-silicon is available in different grades (see ISO 5445):

  • According to the Silicon content, 75%, 65% or 45% are the most popular, but in Western Europe high levels of Silicon are preferred;
  • According to impurity levels, mainly Aluminium, but also other metals are considered as non-desirable in specific applications.

The production process of FeSi is described under Chapter Production Processes