FeSi Alloys

The “Si” consortium agreed in 2008 on an assessment strategy of what is put on the market. A comprehensive testing and evaluation programme was launched  accordingly.

At a later stage, the decision was taken to register FeSi as a multi-constituent substance (MCS), and more precisely as a reaction mass of iron and iron disilicide and iron silicide and silicon. This triggered a new EC number, which is 912-631-7.

Earlier in 2009 a call was launched to all companies which had pre-registered FeSi alloys in accordance with  one or several of the following ways :

  • iron silicide
  • iron disilicide
  • reaction mass of iron and silicon (multi-constituent substance/MCS route)
  • reaction mass of iron, silicon, iron silicide and iron disilicide (MCS route)
  • ferro-silicon
  • silicon, iron (substance in preparation route)

Finnfjord AS is the Lead Registrant of the joint submission of FeSi as multi-constituent (reaction mass), according to the attached profile: