General principles

Separate budgets are established for costs incurred in managing the Consortium (i.e. the “Generic Costs”) and costs related to the collation and development of data, the “Work Group product-related-specific costs”.

Generic costs

The Generic Costs cover the costs for the Secretariat, the Trustee, the Accountant and external Legal Counsel, for assisting the Consortium.

Technical Work Group product-related-specific costs

These specific costs are the product-specific costs incurred by the Consortium for each Technical Working Group, particularly, but not only, related to:
(a)    the remuneration of the consultants for e.g. the reports on data gap analysis and other activities for which they have been contracted;
(b)    the remuneration of the external and independent experts;
(c)    the acquisition of existing Studies;
(d)    the performance of the tests to be complied with REACH requirements.

Details of how the studies provided by Consortium members are valued etc. are to be found in the Consortium Agreement (see first page of the REACH CONSORTIUM section).

Late entrants

If a Member joins the Consortium after 1st May 2008, such Member shall pay, in addition to the fixed fee related to the administrative expenses of the Consortium and the variable fee covering product-related-specific costs for which he is liable, an “Advantage Compensation” calculated as a percentage of its total costs as follows:

Members who join after 1st May 2008 but before 1st May 2009               10 %
Members who join after 1st May 2009 but before 1st May 2010               25 %
Members who join after 1st May 2010 but before 1st December 2010      35 %
Members who join after 1st December 2010                                          50 %

An applicant for membership who has not manufactured or imported the substance or product in question on the EEA market before the calendar year during which he applies for membership shall not be liable to pay the Advantage Compensation.

Upon payment of the amounts indicated above, the new Member immediately has the rights and obligations of an existing Member.