Welcome to the part of the REACH SIEF section devoted to helping the FeSi alloys SIEF to organise itself and operate  smoothly.

You will find here various sub-sections covering the various steps in the setting-up and operation of the SIEF for FeSi alloys.

Getting started

FeSi alloys have been pre-registered in different ways due to their special nature.

The first task has therefore been to bring the companies concerned by FeSi alloys from the various pre-SIEFs together under one umbrella corresponding to the relevant and agreed description of FeSi alloys. This makes for efficient and consistent information about the work programme related to FeSi alloys.
The “Si” consortium agreed in 2008 on an assessment strategy of what is put on the market. A comprehensive testing and evaluation programme was launched  accordingly.

At a later stage, the decision was taken to register FeSi as a multi-constituent substance (MCS), and more precisely as a reaction mass of iron and iron disilicide and iron silicide and silicon. This triggered a new EC number, which is 912-631-7.

Earlier in 2009 a call was launched to all companies which had pre-registered FeSi alloys in accordance with  one or several of the following ways :

  • iron silicide
  • iron disilicide
  • reaction mass of iron and silicon (multi-constituent substance/MCS route)
  • reaction mass of iron, silicon, iron silicide and iron disilicide (MCS route)
  • ferro-silicon
  • silicon, iron (substance in preparation route)

Finnfjord AS confirmed as Lead Registrant

In accordance to the responses of the SIEF member companies in 2009 to Finnfjord AS's candidature,  Finnfjord AS was confirmed as Lead Registrant for FeSi.

FeSi was registered in September 2010.