Link to Associations Websites on REACH

EUROMETAUX has developed a substance responsibility overview list relative to the metals, metalloids, minerals and chemicals relevant to the Metals/Alloys Industry. This information is available on the website of EUROMETAUX:

Chemical Watch also publishes a list of consortia:

Other related European and International Associations have developed websites dedicated to REACH, such as:

Steel Industry – EUROFER:

ICDA (Chromium):

EAA (Aluminium):

Nickel Consortia:

Industrial Minerals (IMA):

Precious Metals (EPMF):"13"&Itemid="21"

Chemical Industry (CEFIC):

Magnesium REACH Consortium (MaREC):

Manganese Consortium:

Vanadium Consortium:

List of the members of the Reach Alliance and links