List of acronyms

AEL: Associated Emission Limit Values
Best Available Technologies
Cl & L:
Classification & Labelling
CMR: Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic
CSA: Chemical Safety Assessment
CSR: Chemical Safety Report
DNEL: Derived No Effect Level
DPD: Dangerous Preparations Directive (1999/45/EC)
DU: Downstream User
EBW: Exposure Based Waiving
EIMAG: European Industry Metallic Alloys Group
EINECS: European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemicals (JOCE 15.06.90)
EQS: Environment Quality Standard
ES: Exposure Scenario
ESIS: Existing Substances Information System
GHS: Globally Harmonised System (of Cl & L of Chemicals)
GLP: Good Laboratory Practice
HERAG: Health Risk Assessment Guidance for Metals
IED: Industrial Emission Directive
ITS: Intelligent Testing Strategy
IUCLID: International Uniform Chemical Information Database
L (A) OEC: Lowest (Adverse) Observed Effect Concentration
LC(E)Cx: Concentration that causes X % response
LD 50: Median lethal dose
L(E)C50: Median lethal effective concentration
LEL: Lower Explosive Limit
LO(A)EL): Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level
MERAG: Metal Environment Risk Assessment Guidance
M/I: Manufacturer or Importer
MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet
NO(A)EL: No Observed (Adverse) Effect Level
NOEC: No Observed Effect Concentration
OEL: Occupational Exposure Limits
OR: Only Representative
PBT: Persistent, Bioaccumulative, Toxic
PNEC: Predicted No Effect Concentration
PPE: Personal Protective Equipment
QSAR: Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship
RMM: Risk Management Measures
SDS: Safety Data Sheet
SEA: Socio-Economic Analysis
SIEF: Substance Information Exchange Forum
SME: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.
SVHCs: Substances of Very High Concern.
T/D protocol: Transformation/Dissolution test
TGD: Technical Guidance Document
TLV: Threshold Limit Value
TWA: Time Weighted Average
UVCB: Substance of Unknown or Variable Composition, Complex reaction product or Biological Material
vPvB: Very Persistent and very Bioaccumulative.
WOE: Weight Of Evidence