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Low carbon economy

The European ferro-alloys and silicon industry is playing an active role towards the realisation of a low carbon economy in Europe. EUROALLIAGES’ members have shown their commitment to this objective through various achievements with regard to technological improvements linked to energy efficiency and emission reductions.

The production of ferro-alloys and silicon is subject to electrometallurgical processes which go hand in hand with intrinsic and unavoidable process emissions. The European industry has been investing in and improving the level of process emissions for many years. Being an early mover, it has today almost reached the ceiling of improvement with the technologies currently available. Furthermore,  the last digits of improvement that are close to the physical limits are the most costly to achieve for marginal gains.

In order to pave the way for the role of the ferro-alloys and silicon industry in the low-carbon economy that Europe is pursuing for 2050, the Energy and Climate Committee is currently developing an analytical overview of the key milestones of the sector (see Vision 2050).

In September 2018, a study has been commissioned by 11 EU Energy-Intensive sectors, including EUROALLIAGES as a contribution to the upcoming review of Europe's 2050 strategy. The study, entitled "Europe’s Energy Intensive Industries contribution to the EU Strategy for long-term EU greenhouse gas emissions reductions", has been drafted by the Institute for European Studies to the Free University of Brussels (IES, VUB). It describes a combination of possible key solutions that will help the EU Energy-Intensive Industry achieve significant emissions reduction and at the same time remain competitive, innovative and pivotal in enabling the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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