Main issues

The main issues of concern are the EU Industrial Strategy, the Mercosur and Australia Free trade Agreements and the US Trade Policy.

Regarding the EU Industrial Strategy, on 10th March the “New Industrial Strategy for Europe” was published. In this paper, the European Commission recognizes industry as “central to Europe’s future progress and prosperity” and announces a comprehensive set of measures based on three key priorities: a globally competitive and world-leading industry, an industry that paves the way to climate-neutrality and an industry shaping Europe’s digital future. EUROALLIAGES will monitor the implementation of the measures announced.

Besides, EUROALLIAGES is closely following the negotiations of the Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay) and Australia Free Trade Agreements. Being Brazil and Australia, two of the biggest ferro-alloy and silicon producers in the world.

Regarding the US Trade Policy, some issues of concern are related to the US-China relations, the Airbus-Boeing WTO trade dispute and the EU-US bilateral relations.
is of the opinion that MES should not automatically be granted to PRC at the end of the WTO transition period (2016). Please refer to the attached presentation.