Main issues

The main issues of concern are Comitology developments(decision-making process), the TDI reform and MES to be granted to PRC at the end of the WTO transition period.

Regarding the modernisation of TDIs, industry has reacted and responded overwhelmingly. The Parliament adopted last week a series of amendments to the Commission legislative proposal which were strongly in favour of industry. However, Member States remain quite split and it is quite quite unlikely that a decision could be made before European elections. Hence the role of the Italian Presidency as of 1st of July 2014 will be key to the whole legislative process.

In respect to the guidelines, the Commission might adopt them before the European elections, though this option remains unlikely as well.

EUROALLIAGES, as Chair of the BUSINESSEUROPE TPI Working Group, keeps the closest possible contacts with both the Commission and the Member States on this issue.


Regarding MES, EUROALLIAGES is of the opinion that MES should not automatically be granted to PRC at the end of the WTO transition period (2016). Please refer to the attached presentation.

Please also refer to a recent presentation (see below) made on behalf of Business Europe on the Chinese market economy status.

In this respect, the evolution of the free trade agreement with Vietnam might play an important role.