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Trade must be fair. Only if and when all parties play by the rules (level playing field) can trade become free. In the absence of such a level playing field, free trade is not sustainable.

New Anti-Dumping Methodology (NADM) and a level playing field

On 3 October 2017, the Council and the Parliament agreed on a compromise to modify the Basic AD Regulation, that introduced a new non-standard Anti-Dumping Methodology which will be applicable to any WTO member in case of significant market distortions. EUROALLIAGES is happy with the commitment of the three EU institutions – and in particular the Commission - to ensure that the new EU trade defence regime is used to effectively achieve a level playing field and combat the ever-growing dumping of products onto the EU market. However, the new text gives a wide range of discretion to the investigating authority: hence the need to monitor how these rules are effectively applied and enforced.

The first EUROALLIAGES Anti-dumping investigation which made use of the new Anti-dumping methodology was the Expiry Review on FeSi imports originating in Russia and the PR China, concluded with the renewal of the measures on 30th June 2020. For more information, refer to section On-going AD measures.