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Product description

A Ferro-alloy is the most efficient and economic way of introducing alloying elements into iron and steel melts in order to produce the required grades; the ferro-alloys list therefore covers a wide range of elements which are needed for modern iron and steel metallurgical processes.

It is commonly accepted that ferro-alloys are divided into two main categories:

  • bulk alloys, which are widely used in large quantities (silicon and its alloys, manganese alloys, chromium alloys, nickel alloys);
  • and so-called special alloys, used in relatively limited quantities.

Various products are usually associated with ferro-alloys, either because they are produced by the same or comparable processes, or because they are used by the same customers (magnesium, calcium and its alloys).

Silicon is a metalloid used mainly in the manufacture of silanes, silicones and silica, as a “hardener” or alloying element to produce aluminium alloys, and in the manufacture of micro-processors and  solar cells. Silicon is also used as a secondary smelting additive in the manufacture of photonic devices and in the manufacture of industrial refractories.

Silica fume, a mineral composed of ultrafine spheres of amorphous silicon dioxide (SiO2),
 is a product used mainly as an additive to concrete and refractories. Other applications include an Oil Field Services additive, an additive in polymer materials, an anti-caking agent in artificial fertilizers, and a raw material for manufacturing inorganic pigments.