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Raw Materials policy

The European ferro-alloys and silicon industry is the first supplier of the iron, steel, aluminium and chemicals industries. It also provides the electronic and solar industries with elements essential to their manufacturing processes, offering the highest qualities of products. The importance of interdependence along this supply chain is worth mentioning.

Composed of a majority of SMEs, the European ferro-alloys and silicon sector is exposed to  extremely intensive international competition that is often unfair and increases its cost vulnerability still further.

The manufacturing of products such as ferro-alloys and silicon, which are strategic for the European economy (e.g. in the automotive, aerospace, electronics and renewable energy sectors), requires the best quality products: these products are manufactured in Europe.

Today, it is imperative for the EU to ensure fair and sustainable international trade conditions that preserve the competitiveness of the European industry.

Is the EU Raw Materials Policy meeting its target?

Please consult the EUROALLIAGES position paper on this subject.