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Research & innovation in the ferro-alloys and silicon industries

As energy intensive industry and supplier of raw materials at the top of supply chains, the ferro-alloys & silicon industries are engaged in innovation activities since decades to help the sector to develop new processes and products in a climate friendly and more resource efficient way.

These investments are necessary in order to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

In the field of production research, the challenges lie in continuing to optimize the process chain as a whole.

Innovation is taking place around the centers of production !

The challenge for the future and for the policy makers will be to get upstream research results in Europe and not commercialized elsewhere around delocalized production centers.

Innovation is a supply chain matter!

Through the production of materials with specific properties, the ferro-alloys and silicon Industries have a key role to play in respect to the innovation activities and the development of future technologies of the European Iron and steel, aluminum, chemical, electronic and solar industries, which are their main customers. Indeed, the quality degree of innovation and hence the success of their products are influenced by the quality of the raw materials supplied, like ferro-alloys and silicon.

This is why the European ferro-alloys and silicon companies often work closely with their customers on research and development (R&D) and with universities and research institutions. Centers of Excellence have been or are being created in several countries.

In addition, to keep a global leading position in the production of some types of ferro-alloys, silicon or key materials used in the metallurgical processes, some companies are also working on breakthrough technologies.

The following main topics attract most of the research under which you will find examples of research projects or already commercialized successful projects: