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Revision of the BREF under the Industrial Emissions Directive

The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) is a recast of 7 past directives, including the IPPC Directive.

Of concern to the ferro-alloys industry are the BREF notes and the related Best Available Technologies (BAT) and the Associated Emissions Limit Values (BATAEL) conclusions which are the reference for setting permit conditions.

The Non-Ferrous Metals (NFM) BREF, which contains the chapter on ferro-alloys and silicon manufacturing, has been published in 2014:

in June 2016 in the Official Journal of the European Union as Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2016/1032. The document in all official languages can be found in the following link:

Implementation of IED and BAT Conclusions

Euroalliages is member of the IED Alliance regrouping the major industrial sector (Metal, Steel, Chemicals, Cement, Equipment, Automobile, Cement, Ceramics, Food ...). The IED Alliance is issuing position papers related to the implementation of IED and the related BAT Conclusions. The positions can be downloaded here after: