Start of the Silica Fume SIEF

This SIEF is run by Elkem as- SIEF Facilitator and, since early September 2009, Lead Registrant for Silica fume.

Results of the sameness and status survey

Results of the sameness survey
Agreement to the ID card:                       YES: absolute majority
                                                              NO: 0%
Results of the status survey
Leading:                    3 %
Involved:                 38 %
Passive:                   30 %
Dormant:                 19 %


With the successful pre-registration of silica fume (EINECS # 273-761-1) in December 2008, we entered the so-called pre-SIEF phase. Elkem volunteered to be the SIEF formation facilitator (SFF) and initiated the mandatory discussion of the sameness of the substance.

By closing the sameness discussion of silica fume, the pre-SIEF entered the SIEF phase.
The next important step was to designate a Lead Registrant.

Confirmation of a candidate Lead Registrant (September 2009)

In accordance with the responses of the SIEF member companies in 2009 to Elkem's candidature, Elkem was confirmed as Lead Registrant for Silica Fume.