Structure and Consortium bodies

The Consortium operates through the following bodies:

General Assembly: The founding General Assembly of the Consortium took place on 11 June 2008. The second meeting was held on Wednesday, 7 October 2009. This is the supreme body for decisions. Voting rights are given on the basis of a complex system of calculation, run by an independent Trustee and based on the tonnages produced or imported.
Helge Stanghelle (Fesil) was the first elected Chairman of the General Assembly. At its meeting in October 2009, the Assembly elected the 2nd Chairman: Mr Antonio Salinas (Ferroatlantica). As such, he also presides over the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee: The daily operations of the Consortium are decided upon by the Steering Committee which was elected by the General Assembly for the first time on 11 June 2008.

The members of the Steering Committee are:

Mike Proctor  (Dow Corning)
Christoph Kroesche (Evonik)
Ralf Maecker (Momentive)
Bernd Friede (Elkem)
Antonio Salinas (Ferroatlantica) - Chairman
Sverre Saether (Fesil)
Jacob Steinmo (Finnfjord)

Technical Working Groups: All technical activities in preparation for and updating of the registration dossiers are dealt with in the following Technical Working Groups (TWG):

  • Silicon TWG (chaired by Bernard Plasse, Ferropem)
  • Silica fume TWG (chaired by Bernd Friede, Elkem) 
  • FeSi alloys TWG (chaired by Jacob Steinmo, Finnfjord) and which contains a sub-group for Si/FeSi silicate

Secretariat: The Consortium has concluded a service agreement with EUROALLIAGES to provide the consortium Secretariat. The Consortium is treated as a separate entity from EUROALLIAGES itself.

The team in charge at EUROALLIAGES is:

Inès Van Lierde – Secretary General: overall coordination
Tel: + 32 2 775 63 02

Catherine Conty – Executive Assistant
Tel: + 32 2 775 63 01

Nadia Vinck – Director EHS & Scientific Issues: technical and scientific issues
Tel: + 32 2 775 63 04

Trustee: The Consortium has entrusted the certified accountants firm of BST with the handling of all the confidential production and/or import figures needed for the calculation of the fees and the voting rights. The system guarantees that the individual member figures can not be accessed by any other member company nor anyone else, whether or not involved in the Consortium's activities.

Auditor: The Consortium accounts are audited by an audit firm.