EUROALLIAGES is the European Association of ferro-alloys and silicon producers.

Its objective is to promote the safe, environmentally friendly and competitive production of ferro-alloys and silicon in Europe.
The Members are either full Members, producing ferro-alloys and silicon in the European Economic Area, or Associate Members, producing ferro-alloys and silicon in the countries having signed an Association Agreement with the European Union.

A third category is now open to companies: “individual” membership according to their interests.

The total membership includes 23 companies, operating nearly 50 plants in 14 different countries, with 8000 employees. The cumulative turnover of the Members is around 2 billion Euros.

EUROALLIAGES represents about 95% of ferro-alloy and silicon production in Europe.
Assisting the Industry in complying with the REACH regulation, EUROALLIAGES also provides Secretariat and Scientific Trusteeship services to the Consortium in charge of Silicon, Silica fume, FeSi alloys and Si/FeSi silicate.